Tampa, FL

Our client is seeking an UDB/DB2 Database Administrator in Tampa, Florida.

Job Duties are –

  • Perform routine UDB/DB2Database Administration during all phases of development, system test and production cycles.
  • Tasks include database design, creation, maintenance, backup/recover, and performance tuning.
  • Design data models that span across multiple databases in the enterprise.
  • Architect efficient and low-cost solutions for enterprise scale complex environments
  • Actively participate in planning and implementation of Disaster Recovery (DRP) and Business Continuity (BCP) planning.
  • Perform risk analysis on projects in relation to the data administrative activities
  • Enforce DBA Homeroom Best Practice policies and procedures and report on areas that need to be improved upon.
  • Evaluate and provide feedback on enterprise support systems that are being considered by the company to be purchased from solution providers.
  • Evaluate systems and solutions gained via acquisitions
  • Participate in planning and implementation of integration projects and data migration for various internal and external OSS
  • Participate in generating and responding to RFP’s
  • Evaluate data administration impacting technologies such as SAN, NAS and backup storage
  • Provide hands-on training to entry level and junior DBA.
  • Organize, install, and assess enterprise relational database management system (RDBMS) software across multiple database environments.
  • Troubleshoot UDB/DB2 RDBMS running on Unix platforms while complying with ISO9000 guidelines and specific DBA Homeroom best practices.
  • Create, track and report metrics for capacity planning. Analyze current capacity and provide recommendations. Participate with database capacity planning, benchmarking.
  • Ensure all aspects of UDB/DB2 database security control measures are correctly implemented with proper ongoing maintenance.
  • Conduct periodic review and confirm of database accounts to meet audit requirements

Required Skills are:

  • 7+ years as a Database Administrator preferably using¬†UDB/DB2 database
  • Hands on experience with UDB/DB2 on Unix/Linux platform
  • Bachelor or graduate degree in field of computer science or engineering discipline.
  • Experience in the analysis, design, development and implementing of major Database structures
  • Significant experience in developing UDB/DB2applications and a strong understanding of UDB/DB2 tools
  • Keep abreast of the latest developments in technologies related to database systems; specifically the UDB/DB2 products
  • Proficient with latest versions of SQL and all related database tools
  • Advanced/Expert knowledge of working in Unix/Linux environment
  • Modifies database programs to increase processing performance, database tuning