New York, NY


  • Full-stack Java development, proficient in all stages of web development, from conception to deployment
  • Preferred stack experience: Linux/Unix, Apache Tomcat (or Other Major App Server), Java
  • Java is your strongest skill
  • Experience with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AngularJS and the Data Access Layer needed
  • Experience working in banking environment is a big plus
  • Experience designing and building standalong applications from scratch is highly desirable.
  • Great communication skills, and ability to work directly with business users
  • Good time management and organizational skills


  • 7-8+ years Java development experience
  • 3-4+ years of Front End development using JavaScript and its variations
  • Agile/Scrum experience, and the desire to be an advocate for the methodology
  • Experience with the Spring Framework, especially MVC
  • Experience with RDBMS
  • Experience with source control, versioning, and change management