At Magniris, we know that cultivating achievement directly benefits our clients.

At our headquarters in Totowa, NJ, we’ve built a state­of­the­art facility where top­level tech candidates with critical expertise can excel.

Every day we’re driven by the mission we’ve held to since our founding:

Redefine the industry standard by connecting businesses, regardless of size or stature, to world­class technology experts.

Raising the bar in financial staffing motivated us to form Magniris in 2007. We believed that by delivering work of the highest caliber, our clients would thrive—as would we.

It was an assumption that was quickly put to the test. In 2008, at the height of the financial crisis, we continued to grow as others in our industry struggled to survive. Due to our steadfast commitment to quality, Magniris emerged as an industry leader. Today we serve as a trusted provider of financial, staffing, and IT solutions to some of the world’s most influential corporations, including several Fortune 500 Companies.